What is a Therapy?

We have seen many people over the years that seem to go “practitioner-shopping”.

It is obvious that not every practitioner can know everything and help everybody.

Here at Functional Wellness we try to solve this problem by honing in on your case and performing additional research, constantly updating our knowledge-base and extending the reach of our therapies.

Even if we do not offer a therapy, we will still recommend it if we think it is the best option for your healing.

The only thing we ask from you is that you commit to seeing us at least 2-3 times before giving up. If your sessions are covered by insurance the suggestion would be 4-5 times in order to leave more time for the process to work.

A therapy is an ongoing process that involves both practitioner and patient / client to continuously work on improving a health condition. But without continuation there can be no therapy and without therapy there can be no relief.

Integrative Nutrition is not green allopathy. We do not offer “magic pills” or quick fixes.

We need you to stick to a therapy and allow a process to take place that involves you, your lifestyle, your diet, your environment, your motivation, your goals and your future. It will take time and you will benefit, but you can not give up after 1 or 2 visits because there is no miracle cure.

There was a process that made you sick and there must be a process to make you healthy again.

Please consider this when making up your mind about tackling your health.

If your expectations are unrealistic, your likeliness to fail in your quest gets exponentially increased.

If you are realistic and consistent in your quest for heath, your likeliness of succeeding is exponentially increased.