Now that Jan is almost a Nutritional / Metabolic Doctor there is capacity to open the practice again and take on new cases on a limited basis in the beginning. The main goal will be to educate the public about how to prevent chronic diseases, cancer, etc., but we will be working with groups and individual as well. Please check the appointments page to set up an appointment for yourself. Phone service is still very limited. Thank you!

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Welcome to a new concept: Experiential Health

What is experiential health?

Everything in Life is an experience. Isn’t that what life is all about if you think about it?

What would life be without experiences?

Experiences are mostly perceived through what we call our “right” brain.

Every moment of our life we receive Billions of data points through our senses which are gathered, collected, forwarded and processed in our subconscious, “right” brain.

The left brain, what we call our “mind” then filters out what is most important to “us”, gives it an emotional value and allows us to consciously perceive the experience. These choices are based on situational awareness, necessities, urgency, current requirements, need for survival, amount if information, etc. but also our upbringing, previous experiences, level of awareness, knowledge, training, schooling, past or current trauma, ideas, beliefs, preferences, worldviews, etc. influence them.

They have to be limited because our conscious brain only has so much bandwidth and can not deal with all the information at the same time without spending immense amounts of energy and getting exhausted.

You at this point, f.e. might stop reading because you feel tired or don’t like to read many words, did not like a certain expression, don’t believe or understand what I am saying here, do not classify it as important or have to rush to get somewhere. This is what limits us in our ability to maximize our capabilities but enables us to focus on specific tasks.

In the industrialized world, we have been trained to analyze every situation with our mind. We think with our minds, speak with our minds, make decisions with our minds, solve problems with our minds, etc. We basically live in our minds to the point that we begin to identify with them.

While the left brain is a very efficient tool, it has a different design and function compared to the right brain.

The left brain analyzes problems linearly, meaning one data point after the other, while the right brain works more like a holographic processor that can analyze many data points at the same time.

You could say that the left brain takes care of the details, while the right brain’s job is to provide the whole picture of a situation.

The problem with this setup is that many of us have forgotten to listen, acknowledge and even respect their intuitive brain for its extremely important functions and built-in wisdom.

Biases in 1960’s science and “modernistic” linear thinking made it that way.

Even though our subconscious has an amazing store of wisdom for us, if we are limited in the ways we can access it, then it is of not much use.

In the same way, knowledge without application is of limited use.

What does all this have to do with me?

This is where experiential Health comes into play.

Addressing Root causes

Let’s say you are sick or feeling unwell. You have a disease, or let’s say you experience symptoms associated by allopathic medicine with a specific disease picture.

Our thinking after 100 years of allopathic medical dominance has been tainted so much that we think the symptoms are the problem and once we get rid of them we are fine and the disease is “healed”.

While this is not completely untrue it still is mostly inaccurate.

All Diseases (dysfunctions) in the body usually arise from only a few problems: Stress, chronic stress, lack of cellular energy, lack of sleep and recovery, nutrient deficiencies or excesses, toxins or other damaging environmental factors and pathogens or physical impact.

Dysfunctions can manifest without symptoms at first and may stay asymptomatic despite their progress over months, years and decades, until major organ or tissue damage in the body is done, or they can become symptomatic in varying degrees of severity and parts of the organism.

Let’s say an infection causes a symptom – pain, and we use a painkiller to deal with the problem, have we addressed the cause of the dysfunction and pain?

If we don’t address the root cause, in this case the infection, then it will go on to destroy other parts of the body and eventually kill us. Chronic diseases are very similar to that.

That is why it is so crucial to address the underlying root causes and not just symptoms or discomforts.

Our Biases

We often think that all we need is a relief of our suffering in order to be able to function again. Work again, earn money again, take care of other people again, have fun again, etc.

But what if the life we were living was what made us sick in the first place?

What would happen if we just got rid of our symptoms and went to back to life as we knew it as if nothing happened?

Would the underlying dysfunction continue to manifest in stronger or different ways?

You bet it would!

Could it eventually kill you or make you so sick that you regret living?

You bet it could!

We all have different sensitivities, but the people among us that have “no problems” are often surprised when they are the ones getting the biggest hits “out of the blue”. They never learned to listen to the small signals, so their diseases progress until it is too late and things can not be corrected or repaired anymore.

If you are annoyed that you are always sensitive and others seem to have “no problems whatsoever” – don’t be annoyed. It is actually a blessing that your body is warning you not to run into the same fate as those people around you that are not as sensitive but often as sick or even sicker than you on the inside.

They either can’t or choose not to feel it. And that has a lot to do with upbringing, conditioning, and what we call “small t” trauma.

Putting it all together

So, what do we need in order to heal or stay healthy?

It’s actually very simple:

A clean environment, minimal stress, sufficient energy, high quality rest and sleep, good nutrition, optimized emotional well-being, love, purpose and sometimes a little physical support.

Can this be achieved by just taking a few pharmaceutical or supplements?

Will you get there by researching your condition on google at night without being able to apply what you learned in your life?

Life is complex, and so is health. But despite the extreme complexity of biological and cellular functions, a person living a natural, maybe an ideal lifestyle can be completely uneducated and still live to be 120 years old, get pregnant, heal broken bones and achieve an optima amount of emotional well-being just by following very few very simple rules and listening to their intuition.

So, let’s recap: How do we get healthy?

By taking supplements? Or eating a certain way? or following a nutritional fad? Dieting or fasting for 2 weeks? getting surgery? Taking pills?

Or do we get healthy by following the basic rules of life, which requires us to adapt or change whatever was not aligned in our lifestyle?

Unfortunately, simple is not always easy. Meaning the more your lifestyle has deviated from what your body needs, the more help you will need to get back onto the path.

And the more sick you are the more you might have to change things around in your life.

There may even be a point where you will have to face very uncomfortable problems, memories, emotions, questions or decisions.

There may be a point where you may have to decide what is more important in your life: continuing on the way that made you sick or doing whatever is necessary to truly heal.


That is where we come in:

We don’t heal you, We don’t fix you, we don’t cure you.

All we do is stand by your side and help you when and where you need help on your path.

Because it is your life and only you can make the necessary changes.

There is actually nothing we can do to fix the underlying causes of your discomfort.

What we can do is assure you that you will be fine once you decide to walk on the path of sustainable health.

We can give you support and recommendations, hold you accountable and encourage you. Be there when it becomes difficult, but without taking your responsibility away.

Our real purpose in all of this is to help you understand and realize WHY you have become so sick and HOW you can become healthy again. Sustainably.

And this pertains to emotional wellness as well.

YOU will have to take the necessary steps, be they small or large.

If you are ready to do this, please contact us to see if we are a good match.

If you sense that you are not ready yet, do not worry, but be advised that the longer you wait to address the real issues, the harder it will become and the more damage you may incur.

We will always be here for those of you who are ready.

The rewards?

We are very reward driven, which is understandable. Especially when the path requires energy, work, time, change and sacrifices.

So what are the rewards for someone who actually commits themselves to change?

I can only speak from my own perspective, despite having helped hundreds of clients.

I was stuck in unhealthy situations, relationships, religions, thoughts, ideologies, desires, emotions, environments, habits and traditions countless times in my life. I had to struggle with loneliness, emptiness, feelings of guilt, failure and inadequacy, abandonment, avoidance, embarrassment, inability, lack of discipline, unhappiness, despair, depression and a desire to give up many many times and sometimes for years and decades.

I developed severe auto-immune diseases, food intolerances, digestive issues, sensitivities, diseases, environmental issues, energy deficiencies, sleep problems and chronic degeneration. If I would have not changed my lifestyle early and consistently, I would be so incredibly sick today that I couldn’t say how old I would get or would have gotten.

Once I realized how all these settings, patterns, programs and desires influenced my emotional well-being and led me to embrace or avoid things, I was able to work myself through these layers. In my case it was often friends and colleagues that gave the best advice, including members of the white spots circle. It took time, it took effort, it took money, it took grit, it took suffering and it took love, but in the end what was left – in a sense as a reward was a person that is younger than their average fellow citizen, healthier, happier, more content, less needy and greedy, more loving, more compassionate, more understanding, smarter, wiser and much more free and happy than I had ever been. I had spiritual experiences and learned about life until I was so happy that I did not miss anything in my life anymore. My auto-immune diseases resolved, my tissues healed and now I can live my life the way I want, without having to conform to unnatural lifestyles, chronically stressful demands and a life that ignores natural cycles and true inner happiness.

I grew up just as standard as everybody else, but I always retained an urge to search for truth and not to accept simple solutions or industrial lies.

You can do that too!

Nothing can hold you back from your own development other than you, yourself and your inner settings and convictions.

Which is why in addition to Functional Wellness, I have also founded the White Spots Network where those of us who truly wish to live a peaceful life can find an escape, regain their energy, learn and grow in a supportive environment and live in health and peace.

Imagine a new kind of Healthcare where the focus is on you. A personalized approach to help you navigate life in the best possible way with the healthiest body and mind possible. That’s what we do. Are you ready?

Finally feel young again and break-through what is holding you back.

We help you live life to the fullest. Fully based on evidence. No tricks, gimmicks or false promises, but with integrity and excellence.

Do you want to ride the waves of life with ease and enjoy this journey or be tossed around by them suffering and drowning trying just to barely stay alive?