Functional Nutrition

Are you looking for help with a chronic health condition? Feeling unwell and wanting to improve? Or do you want to optimize brain function and energy for conquering the stresses of life and your demanding work requirements?

You have been searching for natural solutions and trying to fix things yourself without really knowing what you are doing.

Someone recommended you search for a Functional Medicine Practitioner or Nutritionist.

You want to learn about your genetics, why they make you function the way you do and what you can do about that?

You have come to the right place!

No matter if you are suffering from a debilitating disease,  unexplained symptoms, want to prevent future health problems, optimize your health, yourenergy and your brain or are looking for help for a loved one, we are here to help you.

As Functional Nutritionists trained in the principles of evidence-based Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Botanical- and Environmental Medicine, as well as Nutritional Genomics, we can help you with many and one condition.

Functional Nutrition focuses on optimizing cellular and metabolic function for optimal health. It represents the core of Functional Medicine and helps you reach optimal wellness with natural means.

Functional Medicine Practitioners are specialized on helping you uncover the root causes for imbalances that may be contributing to your current, past and even future health.

Nutritional Genomics explores the interplay between your genes, your environment and lifestyle and helps us understand how this may contribute to your current, past or future states of health and how these could be influenced differently. It deals with mutations such as MTHFR to help us uncover genomic influences on your state of wellness.

Environmental Medicine focuses on the influences environmental toxins have on our health. Many chronic diseases can be linked to chemical, heavy metal, electromagnetic or other toxin exposure from our homes, food, cosmetics, cars, air, water or environment and often minimizing or eliminating exposure to these toxins is necessary to achieve long-term health…

In order to help you achieve an ideal state of wellness, we assess your complete medical history, lifestyle, emotional situation, environmental exposures, medical diagnoses and advanced functional lab testing, as well as traditional herbal parameters.

Our specialty is to uncover complex metabolic imbalances that may have not been found by other practitioners before.  We can help with almost any chronic health problem and to optimize energy, memory and wellness to prevent disease in the first place.