EnviroKlenz Air Filter

Why YOU need an air filter.

We breath about two gallons of air per minute, 2,880 gallons per day and 1,051,200 per year. With this amount of air breathed in per year, even small amounts of toxins in the air can be dangerous.

Think about how much exposure to diesel, smog, mercury, yeast, bacteria, viruses, etc. you are exposed to everyday. All of these pollutants can be reduced with an affordable and reliable air filter.

U.S. Air Pollution Map
Red = Very Poor, Yellow = Poor, Green=Okay

Pictured is a map of the air pollution in the United States.

If you live in a red, yellow, or green zone (yes green as well) and ANY of the following applies to you, you need an air filter:

  • if you live in a dusty house
  • if you live near a major road
  • if you live near a coal power plant
  • if you live near an industrial area
  • if you live near an agricultural area
  • if you have regular forest fires
  • if you have mold in your house
  • if you have pets
  • if you have allergies
  • if you have asthma
  • if you have any other lung problem

You get the picture. The list could go on forever.

After years of researching a multitude of products, we have found what we believe is the best and most affordable Air Filter on the market; EnviroKlenz (Yes, we think it’s better than IQ Air). We believe so much in this product that we have included special offers only available if you buy through our link as well as a 5% discount if you enter our code “funwell” at checkout.

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