Stress Reduction

Stress has been called the silent killer, but unless we find out what stress is for the body and how our system reacts to it, we probably can not really comprehend what that means.

There is an objective level of stress (which can be measured) and a subjective one (which can be felt).

Most people talk about their subjective level when they talk about stress, but the measurable stress starts way before we can feel anything.

That means that our bodies may perceive stress in situation we would never consider stressful from our subjective experience.

One way to measure the objective stress-response of the body is through Heart-rate variability, which measures the regularity of the heart beat. Another method is called Biofeedback and measure the electric conductivity of the skin. Both react almost instantly to changes in the sympathetic (stress-related) system.

The limbic system of the brain is directly connected to the enteric system of the gut.

This means that stress, fear, trauma, brain Injuries, etc. can directly influence functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which in itself can influence general health due to its important as the second most metabolically active system in the body.

Most of us do not even remember anymore how it feels to be really relaxed.

That is why we offer advanced stress reduction counseling and deep relaxation programs in order to counter-balance the countless stressors with which our society and environment is bombarding us day and night.

These relaxation techniques are not dangerous, do not influence your view of the world, are easy to do and will make you wonder why not everybody is doing this every day…

Our new Biomat is part of the stress relaxation program you can enjoy at Functional Wellness.

We also have a new Yoga and Meditation Circle now in the Redlands Office: