We are offering only Remote Appointments at the moment. If you have a strong preference for in-person appointments, please let us know and we will try to set them up for you…

Our EMR-integrated zoom video-conferencing software will make your remote visit as easy as if it was in person. All you need is a laptop, phone or pad with camera and microphone. Our remote sessions are encrypted, HIPPA protected and secure.

Please reserve a free 15-minute slot at the link below to see if we are a good fit AFTER reading the website.

Telephone service at the office is limited. If you need to call us, please leave a message at 909 792 7570.

You can schedule an initial appointment directly through the link on this website and for existing clients from inside your charm (EMR) app.


The Medicare rate for our services currently is set at a minimum 171.80 per hour for the initial intake and a minimum 147.92 per hour for follow-ups by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). You can see that a 2-hour intake and 2 follow-ups can already cost your insurance $700.

We tried for years to offer our services cheaper but in the end always ended up paying the difference.

We have therefore chosen to go fully concierge-based, meaning that we do not work by the hour anymore.

Hourly rates have been replaced by a concierge plan which enables us to focus much more on you, the individual. More research, more commitment, more time for you means more results. We want you to not ever leave us feeling it did not help, but we also need your commitment for that.

Because we do not work with bandaids and green “medicine”, without lasting & sustainable lifestyle change you will neither be happy nor healthy long-term. Many practitioners help you fix one problem really well, but then fail to address other, slumbering ones, so that you are destined to get sick again later or even contract serious problems, such as cancer, of which you could have been warned and which could have been avoided by slow, sustainable, consequential and committed lifestyle change over time.

If you are not ready to change your lifestyle even a little bit at this point in time, then this may not be the right time for you.

If you are playing with the idea, we have all kinds of tools and wisdom to help you with the execution.

If you are ready, please contact us through phone or by scheduling a free initial consultation.


Our concierge plans begin with the initial intake.

The initial intake costs $250 without lab review and $350 with extensive lab review.

After that, our monthly concierge membership is $250 a month which includes 1 session with Jan Kielmann and up to 3 sessions as needed with a health coach. We also offer 12/7 access to the practitioners through text or email to answer short questions.

Lab testing is separate in these plans..

Our Practitioners are fluent in English and German and able to arrange for Spanish translation and additional languages. We regularly work with deaf and mute clients.

We are a perfume-free facility. Perfumes contain extremely toxic ingredients and besides not recommending non-organic perfumes to anybody for your own health’s sake, we especially ask that you refrain from wearing artificial scents and perfumes in the office.

Please bring a snack if you tend to get low in blood sugar and do not over-schedule yourself. Take time to de-slow your life and you will see your health improve very quickly…

We ask that you turn off wireless, bluetooth and cellular internet on your phones in the office due to the toxicity of these EMFs and for privacy reasons.

We are looking forward to seeing you!