We offer both in-person and remote (video) consultations from wherever you are.

We currently have 2 physical locations available for you:

Redlands, California (our main office).

Palm Desert, California (available on Mondays and Saturdays).

An office in Claremont, California is coming up.

To schedule an appointment Mondays to Saturdays between the hours of 9am and 6 pm, please call the office at 909 810 0858

You can also schedule appointments directly through the link on this website.

We are switching to a plan based service.

Hourly rates will be replaced by a plan which enables us to focus much more on YOU. More research, more commitment, more time means more results. We want you to not ever leave us feeling it did not help and we need your commitment for that.


Our entry-level plan begins at $499 (valued at over $1000).

This plan is for easy problems, to get to know us and how nutrition works and if you want to make sure you do not end up with a surprise health condition in the future that would have been preventable.

All plans include our Initial Assessment (a minimum $350 value) which takes about 2 hours. (This is very affordable compared to similar services in the same league and allows us to fully get to know you, so the necessary research and focus on YOU and your challenges.)

The initial assessment includes a very detailed History & Intake so that we can understand what you have been exposed to, Nutritional Assessment, Lab review, recommendations for additional labs, environmental review, initial dietary, nutraceutical, lifestyle and advocacy recommendations (How to navigate the healthcare and insurance system), a first outline of how to go forward and an estimate of approximately how long it may take to successfully get you on your feet again.

We avoid stress and rushing, so please reserve a minimum of 90 minutes and up to 3 hours (in complicated cases) for the initial visit and a good 1 hour to 2 hours for your follow-ups.

We will serve tea and small snacks if necessary but you are also welcome to bring your own foods.

Included are 3 Sauna sessions (valued at $150) or 3 Biomat sessions (valued at $!50) and free contact through email phone and text in-between visits (valued at $200).

2 follow-up visits are included in the entry-level plan (a minimum $ 300 value).

We use individual follow-up sessions to fine-tune the initial interventions, develop a structured plan and detailed interventions specific to your problem, perform additional research, coach you through the necessary lifestyle change steps if needed and help with implementation, detailed reviews of additional labs, personalized counseling and support on how to achieve long-lasting behavioral change and wellness, recommend additional dietary changes, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes, help you with conquering stress, and recommend botanical agents and lab testing where necessary.

Follow-ups are the core of Medical Nutrition Therapy and guarantee that you achieve your goals, versus just learning theoretical knowledge or feeling overwhelmed.

Intermediate level plans

Intermediate level plans begin at $999 (valued at $2000) and include the Initial Assessment (minimum $350 value) as described above, plus 5 follow-ups (minimum $750 value).

This is for you if you want to loose weight, have a chronic condition that is not too severe, want to protect your kidneys, heart, cardiovascular system, blood pressure, food intolerances, anxiety, etc.

You only get the newest, best and most effective science from us. We usually have residents and interns in the office, some of whom drive an hour to see and help you.

Each appointment will have a minimum of 2 brains, often more to help you solve your problem and look at it from different angles in order not to miss anything.

Included are 5 Sauna sessions (valued at $250) or 5 Biomat sessions (valued at $250) and free contact through email phone and text in-between visits (valued at $500).

Advanced Plan

Our advanced plan is priced at $1500 (value at $3000) and includes the initial assessment (minimum $350 value) plus 10 follow-ups. (minimum value $1500).

This is for you if you have a serious condition, a severe chronic problem or need a lot of support, hand-holding and coaching. With this plan we can get to the bottom of things that other practitioners have not been able to figure out.

Included are 5 Sauna sessions for circulation, pain reduction, relaxation and detoxification (valued at $500) or 5 Biomat sessions for relaxation, circulation or meditation (valued at $500) and free contact through email phone and text in-between visits (valued at $1000).

We offer the option of monthly payments.

For only $99 a month you can pay off any of these plans. ($149 for the advanced plan).

All 3 options give you 12/7 access to our practitioners through email and text for any questions you may have.

Lab testing is separate in these plans. Lab testing is only included in the concierge services.

far-infrared Sauna (ours is a sit-in tent version) for detoxification, pain reduction. blood circulation and healing is available and included, as well as a an amazing infrared Biomat for relaxation, stress reduction and meditation.

Our Practitioners are fluent in English and German and able to arrange for Spanish translation and additional languages. We regularly work with deaf and mute clients.

We are a perfume-free facility. Perfumes contain extremely toxic ingredients and besides not recommending non-organic perfumes to anybody for your own health’s sake, we especially ask that you refrain from wearing artificial scents and perfumes in the office.

Please bring a snack if you tend to get low in blood sugar and do not over-schedule yourself. Take time to de-slow your life and you will see your health improve very quickly…

We ask that you turn off wireless, bluetooth and cellular internet on your phones in the office due to the toxicity of these EMFs and for privacy reasons.

For all other questions, please call us at 909 810 0858.

We are looking forward to seeing you!