Nutritional Genomics


The traditional view of genetics is that “Genes are our Destiny”, and whatever your genes dictate is your fate.

But more recent science has shown that gene expression is surprisingly flexible, which led to the discovery of Epigenetics (control of gene expression).

Genes contain programs and Epigenetic controls can activate or deactivate these programs, depending on the need of the cell, organ or organism, which results in countless different possibilities of genetic expressions.

Nutritional Genomics

describes how nutrients and botanicals influence this genetic expression either positively or negatively (including environmental factors, toxins, stress, etc.).

If you hear about these revolutionary concepts for the first time, we recommend visiting our Videos page to get an idea about what some of the most cutting edge scientists and physicians of our times have to say about nutritional genomics. It is quite an amazing new field and opens up a host of new interventional methods on the nutritional level.

We are at the beginning of a medical revolution and you have found one of the early adapting practices, which means that you can take advantage of our current knowledge now, instead of waiting another decade…

Nutritional Genomic Analysis is not intended to be a medical treatment or diagnosis, but informational. It has great potential to help you understand lifelong problems and struggles and potential new ways for you to alleviate these for a fraction of the price of a medical test.

Our clients have been very happy with the solutions and guidance nutritional genomics analysis has provided them in regards to their Lifestyle, Diet and Environment and understanding what their weak and strong links are.

We continuously stay up to date on the newest research for you, explain in detail what it means, how well researched it is and what actions you can take to optimize your health, based on scientific and clinical evidence. You should be aware that this is a growing branch of science that may slightly change as more information becomes available over the years.

Our nutritional advice is personal, individual, science-based, sound, balanced, cutting-edge and affordable, offering the best possible options for you and your loved ones to become healthy, stay healthy and optimize your metabolism for long-term optimal wellness.