Resident Clinic

Our Resident Clinic offers a reduced-price option. It is available online and in-person.

We are continuously training Nutritionists in Residence. These are Master’s Level Graduates who need to absolve 1000 hours of clinical internships after college before being able to become licensed and certified.

In order to allow our residents to see clients, learn and gather hands-on experience with a variety of clients, we are offering a limited number of free sessions for the Resident Clinic.

The free Resident Clinic is almost always remote.

Please note: Residents may not be available at all times and days. Times between appointments may be sporadic. The quality of the nutritional counseling may vary based on the group of residents and their level of education and experience.

Online Resident consultations are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays mornings or afternoons and are attended by multiple Residents at a time.

Residents always have access to our practitioners for feedback and questions.

You can always upgrade from the Resident Clinic to our standard clinic with high quality consulting, depending on your needs.