Microbiome Tests and Probiotics

Why should you invest in your gut microbiome?

Your gut microbiome is complex, made up of trillions of microorganisms living in your intestinal tract, weighing almost 5 pounds. It affects the way you digest your food, regulates your immune system, protects against bacteria that causes disease and produces vitamins necessary for your body to function properly (you can say it’s pretty important).

Since the gut microbiome plays such a crucial role in our overall health, research surrounding our gut has rapidly increased over the past 15 years. Even with all this research being conducted, the gut microbiome is so complex that there are still so many unknowns surrounding the topic.

What is one conclusive answer researchers have found regarding the gut microbiome? Everyone’s gut microbiome is different and unique to each individual.

Below are two companies that are so amazing because they have created an at home test for your gut microbiome. They then use the results from that test to create probiotics specifically tailored to your individual needs.

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