Sauna & Detoxification

The Science of advanced Environmental Medicine states that the load of toxicants in our environment after 300 years of industrial revolution is now so high that virtually everybody is exposed to them every day at a minimum on a low-grade level.

We estimate around 80,000 man-made toxicants have been released into the environment so far, many of which we never have safety-studies about nor do we know what any combination of them can do to a living system.

Not all man-made substances are toxic long-term, but there are a few of concern:

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Heavy metals, Estrogenic chemicals, cancer-causing chemicals, persisted organic pollutants like DDT, PCB’s and dioxins, as well as artificial perfumes, scents and volatile compounds.

The body usually knows how to excrete most toxins, but some can accumulate in the tissues and get stuck in there.

Infrared radiation from Biomat or Sauna are some of the mildest methods of detoxification, which do not overburden the body as chelation may and allow for a slow and gentle detox, while at the same increasing blood circulation and decreasing pain and stiffness in tissues.

Our Sauna is a tent-sauna in which the head is out in the open and only the body gets warmed by infrared rays in settings from 120-170 degrees, depending on your comfort level.