The Human Brain is a marvelous thing.

Over 4 Billion nerve connections make it the most complex living system we know in the universe.

Imagine you could give your brain a mirror for it to see what it is doing and correct itself where necessary?

Neurofeedback is that mirror and we are now offering it in the practice!

We us a modified Othmer System, which is an infra-low (infralow) system with 4 electrodes. We are also working on way to place electrodes without gel in order to save you the clean up afterwards.

Neurofeedback can help the brain to work smarter, use less energy, reduces stress and anxiety, reactivity, impulsivity and increase focus, calm and well-being.

It has been used for such diverse conditions such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Focus and concentration problems and is regularly used for deep relaxation, brain optimization and executive functioning, as well as for PTSD and other Early childhood adverse event, trauma or chronic emotional triggers.

Pretty much everybody in the western world is stressed, in almost everyone the sympathetic nervous system is dominant, 2/3rds of the Kaiser patient population have reported early childhood adverse events and we now have the tools to heal ourselves!

Neurofeedback is one of them, a very gentle method in which the brain corrects itself by being shown what it is doing.

Try it out, your first sessions is included in any consult or only costs $25 otherwise…