Insurance and Crowdfunding

We are a Medicare, United Healthcare and Multi-plan PPO in-network provider. We create Superbills for out of network reimbursements by all other PPO Insurances.

Unfortunately we cannot accept Medicaid (IEHP) at the moment due to majorly outdated laws in the state of California.

We are working with Efundyourhealth ( – a crowdfunding nonprofit helping you to afford integrative medicine without debt.

Unfortunately most insurance companies are way behind the times and do not cover all services or only parts of it.

While we are willing to work with your insurance we can not guarantee payment.

You stay responsible for the full price of the plan you choose, but we will make sure we get your insurance to cover as much of those costs as possible.

F.e. for the initial plan, we should be able to get coverage for $400-600 if you have United Healthcare PPO, which would cover most if not the full cost.