Our most exclusive, best and most advanced option is the concierge plan.

Concierge means everything is inclusive – The initial intake, up to 24 sessions per year and even advanced, conventional and functional medicine lab interpretation and monitoring.

Concierge clients enable us to focus solely on one person and their specific health needs and challenges. It enables the most thorough and detailed preventive measures to extend lifespan, monitor and alleviate disease risks and fully optimize health.

Concierge is like having your own personal doctor, a luxury usually only reserved for VIP’s.

We do a lot of specialized research for concierge clients and can truly personalize our approach due to the amount of time and focus available by you taking advantage of this offer.

We are making it available for you now for a fraction of what you would pay for other providers with much lower levels of service.

The concierge service is $350 for the initial intake, which includes extensive lab reviews, history and further recommendations, followed by 2 sessions a month with either Dr. Barrett or Jan Kielmann for $250 per month, which includes 12/7 accessories to Dr Barrett or Jan Kielmann through text and email.

You will love having your personal health optimizations service that enables you to feel amazing, have tons of energy, work and play with success and ease and live as long and healthy as can be.

We would love for everybody to enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation, optimized personalized nutrition and ongoing rejuvenation and detoxification without having to suffer.